September 26, 2006 Expands: Introduces Clustering

Cluster Resources writes "Provo, Utah – Cluster Resources, Inc. and announced today the release of version 1.3 (, featuring the new Clustering Encyclopedia – a specialized reference source of high-performance computing (HPC) technologies and products. is a Web site created through the combined efforts of Cluster Resources ( and (http//, designed to help cluster administrators, technical evaluators and purchase evaluators build out better cluster, grid and utility-based computing environments.

The new Clustering Encyclopedia adds more than 130 new articles and 160 pages of cluster related information, demonstrating's continued efforts to provide an HPC centric research location and information portal for HPC technologies.

“The Clustering Encyclopedia provides users with a foundation for effective research.” said Michael Jackson, president of Cluster Resources. “Site visitors can use the encyclopedia to boost their current understanding of the common cluster related terms and technologies they seek.”

The encyclopedia features brief but thorough overviews on a number of supercomputing concepts, products and subjects such as batch processing, utility computing, multi-core processors, workload managers, etc.

All articles and topics included in the encyclopedia relate to the specific categories and products included in the Software, Hardware and Network sections of The articles are arranged alphabetically and were produced using first- and third-party content.

“By providing a set of standardized articles, researchers and evaluators can reduce the amount of searches they need to conduct and increase their overall understanding of different HPC components,” said Nick Ihli, a lead developer of

In addition to the encyclopedia, the new version of also contains a hyper-linked index, which acts as a portal to quickly and easily guide users to the specific content they seek. Cluster Builder 1.3 also includes improvements and updates to ensure all content remains current and applicable.

Cluster Builder invites visitors to give suggestions, feedback and information updates on new technologies, discoveries and products. Future enhancements to the encyclopedia will include a topical menu, expansions to existing articles and the addition of new articles regarding HPC centric concepts and products. continues to provide access channels to a number of popular services such as's Request For Quote (RFQ) service (, which allows those purchasing a cluster to submit one request-for-quote form to all desired vendors, instead of having to search out and submit a form to each individual vendor. The service allows purchasers to obtain quotes from virtually any vendor including IBM, HP, Cray and many other leading vendors.

“Additions to the site such as the Clustering Encyclopedia and access to services such as Linux HPC's RFQ, have expanded's research capacity, supplying users with the tools they need to make better decisions,” said Ken Farmer, editor-in-chief of “We are pleased to continue providing the features and services that lead people to discover and acquire the custom HPC solutions they need.”

About LinuxHPC: is a Web site for system administrators, architects, developers, and business
line managers, that offers recent industry news, events, research materials, mailing lists and
links related to high performance technical computing for Beowulf clusters and grids. It also
provides a free cluster quoting service where evaluators can complete one request-for-quote
form and have it sent to multiple vendors.

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About Cluster Resources:

Cluster Resources, Inc.TM is a leading provider of workload and resource management software and services for cluster, grid and utility-based computing environments. At the core of this solution is Moab Cluster Suite®, Moab Grid Suite® and Moab Utility/Hosting Suite® – professional cluster management solutions that include Moab Workload Manager, a policy-based workload management and scheduling tool, as well as a graphical cluster administration interface and a Web-based, end-user job submission and management portal. Cluster Resources also supports and offers a number of popular open-source solutions including TORQUE* Resource Manager, Maui Cluster Scheduler, and Gold Allocation Manager. Cluster Resources' products and services enable organizations to understand, control, and fully optimize their compute resources and related processes.

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TORQUE* Resource Manager includes software developed by NASA Ames Research Center, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and Veridian Information Solutions, Inc. Visit for OpenPBS software support, products, and information. TORQUE is neither endorsed by nor affiliated with Altair Grid Solutions, Inc."


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