​CNCF Adds Oracle, Onboards the Envoy and Jaeger Projects


The Cloud Native Computing Foundation continues to gain momentum, signing on as a sponsor one of the most venerable enterprise software companies, Oracle, and adding two more cloud-native projects to its portfolio, the Envoy service mesh and the Jaeger microservice debugging software.

The CNCF announced the new inclusions at the Open Source Summit North America, being held this week in Los Angeles.

“The last decade was about virtualization, and this decade is about containerization and cloud-native. You containerize, and that allows you to split the app into lots of pieces — microservices — and then you orchestrate all those pieces,” said CNCF Executive Director Dan Kohn. “We think that’s really the biggest trend in computing.”

CNCF has already signed on as sponsors the five largest cloud purveyors, AWS, Microsoft, Google, IBM and Alibaba.

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