March 21, 2003

Co-founder of SmoothWall announces new venture

Lorraine Jenkins writes "SmoothWall Limited, the publishers of the popular SmoothWall range of Firewall, VPN and Content Filtering solutions, announces that co-founder Richard Morrell has resigned as a director of the company to work on a new Linux server project.

Richard states: "I am relocating away from Hampshire to work with former colleagues in the Linux industry. Our new server project will offer a suite of services for the OEM and distribution marketplace, competing with products from Red Hat Inc. and the United Linux group.

I leave SmoothWall in very safe hands and I am pleased to be able to have played a part in the formation, growth and success story that SmoothWall has become. It's something that I'm very proud of and I'm glad that I have the chance to get back into the server world and back to my roots with my new project."

Lawrence Manning, the other SmoothWall co-founder remains with SmoothWall Limited. Both Lawrence and the company are maintaining their commitment to the GPL project, which like SmoothWall Limited, continues to flourish. SmoothWall, which recently launched a recruitment drive, will release Version 3.0 of Corporate Server in April 2003.

George Lungley, a director of SmoothWall comments:

We wish Richard every success in his new venture. There has never been a more exciting time to work in the Linux industry. Since he launched SmoothWall it has become established as a global product, protecting hundreds of thousands of networks worldwide. Now that Linux is entering the corporate mainstream, we believe that SmoothWall will continue to go from strength to strength.

SmoothWall Ltd was established in November 2001 as the commercial arm of the acclaimed SmoothWall GPL project. The company is based in the UK and operates worldwide through a network of 100 resellers."


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