January 9, 2007

Code Craft: The Practice of Writing Excellent Code

James Pyles writes "There are plenty of books on the market that can teach you how to program in various languages such as JavaScript, Python, Perl, C++, ad infinitum.
There are relatively few books available that can teach you how to program well, regardless of the programming language. Code Craft:
The Practice of Writing Excellent Code touts itself as a book that can turn a good programmer into a great programmer. Let's see how closely
the map matches the territory.
First off, some programming experience is a must for the target audience. This book will not teach you how to program or how to program in a particular language (ok, ok, code
examples tend towards C, C++, and Java, but don't let that limit you). That's not what it's written to do. This book takes poor or average
programmers (they write good code that works but is a bloated, organizational disaster otherwise) and turns them into great programmers.
I suppose it's like taking "a few good men...uh, people" and turning them into Marines. That said, there is also a provision for using this text to
mentor a programming newbie. Mentoring suggests however, that the newbie is under the tutelage of an experienced
coder so the student will not be flying solo. This would have the benefit of teaching the student how to program correctly and how to program in one shot."

Link: linux-tutorial.info

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