October 16, 2000

Code forking: Wine and Samba

Author: JT Smith

From a column at LinuxPlanet: "I'm of the opinion that while code forking in and of itself isn't necessarily a
bad thing, it can lead to a lot of wasted effort (time that could be spent
developing ends up being wasted through postings to nasty flame wars in
discussion groups) and at worst cripple essential projects. I think we can
all agree that embedded Linux is A Good Thing and doesn't represent a
threat to the main Linux kernel: no one is going to grab a version of
embedded Linux from MontaVista or TimeSys and expect to run it on their
PC. While I'm not entirely sure anymore that embedded Linux represents
the future of Linux, the forking of Linux in the embedded world certainly
doesn't bother me."


  • Open Source
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