April 25, 2008

Codeweavers Gives Linux Project a Boost

CodeWeavers Inc., the leading manufacturer of Windows to Linux software compatibility products, announced today its support for Lindependence ââ¬â¢08, which involves migrating the entire town of Felton, CA to the Linux operating system. ââ¬ÅWeââ¬â¢re pleased to provide our CrossOver products for this effort,ââ¬Â said Jeremy White, CodeWeaversââ¬â¢ President and CEO. ââ¬ÅWe think that these sorts of migration efforts vividly demonstrate that Linux is ready for prime time, and is a lot easier to use than many people might think. Weââ¬â¢re proud to be helping this effort in any way we can.ââ¬Â

Link: wearenixed.blogspot.com


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