June 12, 2006

Collabora Ltd. develops Open Source Telepathy

Paul Allen writes "- Open source development experts Collabora Ltd. and world leader in mobile technology Nokia have joined forces to develop Telepathy, a real time communication framework.

The collaboration between the two companies has already yielded an active open source community around the framework itself. The Nokia 770 Internet Tablet OS 2006 Edition uses Telepathy as the foundation of Voice Over IP and Instant Messaging functionality enabling users to communicate via text or voice with friends using Google Talk™ and Jabber™ servers across the world.

Nokia R&D Manager, Yannick Pellet, said: "When we began this project to bring VoIP and IM to the 770, we first looked around in the open source world to see if anyone out there was looking to solve the same issues that we were facing. After meeting with the people from Collabora and discussing their plans, it became clear that Collabora’s idea for an open source Instant messaging and VoIP framework were a good match for our requirements.”

“From this initial conception, Collabora Ltd. founded and fostered a community for the Open Source Telepathy project with our support and involvement. The framework solves all major issues of flexibility and scalability, providing a robust platform for third-party extendibility in the future."

"Nokia has emerged as a spearhead of Open Source development on embedded Linux. This project provided a unique opportunity to show how a solution to a client's specific problems could also be the basis of a vibrant Open Source community project," said Collabora Ltd. CEO Rob Taylor.

"Telepathy is a tribute to the speed and quality of development that can be attained when the corporate and open source world work hand in hand towards the same goals. Open Source development and spot-on design has allowed us to achieve a small development miracle, " continued Yannick Pellet.

"Many of the issues we have solved together with Nokia for the Telepathy framework are also issues faced on Linux desktop system. It is a unified solution that guarantees a long-lived solution on embedded," confirms Collabora Ltd. CTO Robert McQueen.

The results of this collaboration have been continuously fed to the Open Source community and merged into the Telepathy project under the GNU
LGPL license.


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