December 23, 2003

CollegeLinux 2.5 ObiWan Released

We are glad to announce the long waited release of CollegeLinux 2.5 ?Obi Wan?.
Once again we did a release taking the necessary 6 months to bring something new, exclusive and never seen within the Linux community.Much of the software in this release has been updated to support more modern programs and easier usage. Some packages worth noting are the K Desktop Environment (KDE) 3.1.4, GCC 3.2, KOffice 1.2.1, CollegeLinux server robot and the CL auto-update engine: slapt-get based (special thanks to Jason Woodward) integrated with a Konqueror front end. You can now update on the fly every single package or the entire distribution.

Link: CollegeLinux


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