August 26, 2003

Columbitech Adds Linux Client Support To Its Wireless VPN Creating An Open and Flexible Environment

NEW YORK-August 26, 2003-Wireless security software developer Columbitech today
announced the availability of a Linux client for its Columbitech Wireless Suite.
This new feature that enables an open-source environment coupled with
Columbitech's unique VPN technology delivers full wireless functionality for
very demanding environments such as embedded clients with very small memory and
processor capabilities. Developers building PDA or telematics applications can
now offer a more cost-effective and secure, wireless platform that runs well on
communication devices with limited hardware resources.

Secure Technology in Handheld Devices
Columbitech Wireless Suite provides cross-platform support for handheld devices
running Windows 2000, Windows XP, Pocket PC 2002, and Microsoft Windows Mobile
2003 Software for Pocket PCs, creating the most comprehensive server support of
all Wireless VPN products. Further, Columbitech has already developed a VPN
client that runs on limited-processor and memory devices like legacy DOS
handheld barcode scanners. With Linux client and server support availability,
customers can run Columbitech's wireless VPN in a cost-effective and
low-maintenance way taking advantage of strong security, robust and persistent
connectivity, enhanced performance, and secure, seamless network roaming.

VPN for Telematics
By supporting Linux clients, Columbitech offers secure wireless solutions for
the automotive telematics market. In a telematics setting a Columbitech
Wireless Suite client is installed in the vehicle, and communicates over a
wireless network with a server residing at the telematics service provider.
Columbitech Wireless Suite ensures the integrity of the information sent across
the wireless link, increases the data transmission speed and allows the driver
to move seamlessly between a wide area cellular network and a Wireless LAN
network, for example at a gas station.

"There is strong momentum for Linux in the market and we have been encouraged to
develop our Linux client by major carmakers, system integrators, and PDA
manufacturers," said Pontus Bergdahl, CEO for Columbitech. "With the Linux
client in place we are also in an excellent position to quickly support other
client operating systems including the most challenging embedded environments."

The technology in Columbitech Wireless Suite has been sold to more than 100,000
user licenses that are customers in key vertical markets, including logistics,
military, health care and retail.

About Columbitech: Columbitech develops and markets software products for secure
wireless access to corporate data. These products are used today around the
world in a wide range of applications, by service technicians, police forces,
and other mobile staff who require reliability and security in their wireless
communications. The company's unique technology is OEM licensed by leading
companies, including Symbol Technologies and Diversinet, and is OPSEC certified
by Check Point. Columbitech's products are built from the ground up for the
wireless world, offering end-to-end security, convenient always-on connectivity,
and optimized performance. Columbitech is privately held and has offices in
Stockholm, Sweden and in New York City, USA. For more information, please visit

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