May 18, 2001

Coming soon ... the AOL Operating System

Author: JT Smith

Kelly McNeill writes,
"osOpinion published a very interesting speculative piece which
quotes bits and pieces of an internal AOL memo suggesting that the
company may by entering the OS market. Earlier this week, Sony
announced a partnership with AOL to provide Net access for its
PlayStation 2 game console. The partnership was established to help
each other fight its battles in the way of MS's upcoming Xbox, MSN --
and quite possibly .Net. Most interesting to the story is the fact
that Sony is also preparing a hard drive, XGA LCD panel, mouse and
keyboard for the PS2 all of which will help turn the game console
into a legit computer. All that's missing is an operating system.
Hmmm... Who out there has an easy to use OS for sale? Well, recent Be
announcement suggest that the company is in fact considering buy-out
scenarios. This lead the author to conclude that Be may in fact be
the most likely contender in this arena. Further fueling the theory
is the fact that Sony is already using BeIA for an upcoming Internet
appliance project. Could Be have a
strong future
after all? This editorial seems to think so."
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