August 29, 2001

.comment: A dead end and a milestone

Author: JT Smith

" One of the dirty little secrets of the publishing world is that the vast majority of Linux books are written using Word for Windows. This is not due to disloyalty of authors but instead the demands of publishers, who take enormous delight in their elaborately constructed template files (in my estimation the antithesis of writing) whereby anyone from president of the publishing house to the guy who delivers the bottled water can enter their comments, each in a unique color, during a process called "author review." (Author review, carried to this extent, seems like a spectacular waste of time, but maybe there's something to it: after all, who can doubt that "Linux System Administration for the Middle Enterprise" will remain in everyone's minds long after "huckleberry Finn" has slipped into obscurity, in that Mark Twain did not have the benefits of multicolored author review?)" More at LinuxPlanet.
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