December 21, 2002

Commentary: Linux Games & Software; Let's Make a Difference

by static0verdrive -
If we want issues like the wineX problem resolved for the better, we have to buy native Linux games. No ripping them. id Software's Doom 3, Bioware's Neverwinter Nights, and more are due out soon, and this is the Linux community's chance to truly make a difference. We must show these companies who look to award winning, Linux supporting game developers like id Software and Bioware that we, as a whole, do buy games, do use linux, and do represent a notable share of the market as software consumers (games more specifically in this case). Numbers don't lie, they say, so let's show them the truth. We exist in greater numbers than they expect, and we ARE willing to pay for software. We are NOT the pirates our adversaries have attepted to make us look like.

So how can you help? Buy Doom 3 for Linux when it is released. Buy Neverwinter Nights for Linux when it is released. If you can't afford them, ask for them for your birthday, or the gift exchange holiday of choice for your religion / area of the world. Buy them for others as gifts. Write polite, constructive letters to game and other software companies explaining a truthful number of people you know personally who will buy the linux version of ___________. It really is now or never, and between $40-$100 dollars is not too much to spend to send a powerful message to more stubborn companies such as Blizzard Entertainment (Warcraft / Starcraft / Diablo series), Rockstar Games (Grand Theft Auto series), Transgaming (WineX), Ahead (Nero Burning ROM), Sonic Foundry (Sound Forge), etc...

Remember - games are what push hardware development, too. Nothing else on a considerable scale affects the hardware industry like games (video editing, for example, is PALE in comparison when we're talking revenue for an industry as a whole).

Get involved, put your money where your mouth is, and let's show the world we, too, mean business. Sitting around telling each other how bad we want native linux games isn't getting the message to the people who need to hear it. Money talks.


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