September 27, 2005

Comodo's Brand Verification -Nominee for the EISTP

Comodo writes "26th September 2005. London - UK. Comodo Inc., a global leader in Identity and Trust Assurance Management solutions and one of the world's largest High Assurance Certification Authorities has been nominated for the European IST Prize (EISTP) by the European Council of Applied Sciences, Technologies and Engineering (Euro-CASE). Evaluated by independent experts from 16 European countries and backed by the European Commission, Euro-CASE has proposed Comodo's Brand Verification solution as one of the "Nominees for the European IST Prize". Comodo were ranked ahead of 147 other innovative proposals and competitive solutions from 29 European countries.

"With numerous analyst groups now highlighting, almost on a daily basis, the increasing loss of confidence consumers have in using an Internet which is plagued by identity theft scams, Phishing attacks and Cyber criminals, it is absolutely paramount that new innovative solutions are developed and adopted by the legitimate brand owners in the industry", said Steve Roylance, Technical Marketing Director for Comodo. "By providing both the essential education customers need, together with innovative consumer friendly tools, Comodo's Brand Verification solutions empowers enterprises the ability to take back control of their brand and to offer a safe online environment to customers transacting online."

More information on Comodo's Brand Verification portfolio can be found at with free cross browser identity assurance tools available at

About Comodo

Comodo is a leading global provider of security, authentication and assurance services for the Internet. Today, more than 150,000 customers in over 100 countries rely on Comodo to create trust in online transactions through distinct solutions that address the digital ecommerce and infrastructure needs of enterprises. Powered by Comodo's Digital Trust Lab (DTL), Comodo is helping enterprises around the world improve customer relationships, enhance customer trust and create efficiencies across their digital ecommerce operations. Comodo's industry leading solutions include integrated web hosting management solutions, infrastructure services, digital ecommerce services, digital certification, identity assurance, customer privacy and vulnerability management solutions. For more information, visit Comodo - Creating Trust Onlineā„¢ -

Comodo can be reached on (US) +1 800 772 5185 (Europe) +44 (0) 161 874 7070"


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