March 30, 2004

Company makes broadband for everyone a reality

Author: David Kennerson

David Kennerson writes "Miami, Oklahoma Everyone deserves affordable broadband. That is the belief of both President George W. Bush and Anthony M. Saffer, Chief Executive and Founder of a small Oklahoma company bent on making good on that statement.

Open Source Strategies was formed late last year to provide focused and specialized service to government and non-profit organizations seeking help in choosing and implementing the right technology for their needs. Now, in the advent of the Presidents announcement that hed like to see a wide scale national rollout of high speed Internet service by 2007, the company believes its ready to boldly move their utility customers into this new frontier.

Its a new technology and, as such, there will be some kinks, said Saffer, But we are well trained and work with our customers to make the implementation as painless as possible.

Saffer believes that Broadband over Power line not only offers utilities a new and viable revenue stream but also offers customers a real alternative to the high costs of DSL, Cable, and satellite Internet service. It also eliminates the last mile problem associated with most high-speed technologies that prevent customers in extremely rural areas from using the service. Broadband over Power line can be delivered to any household or business that receives electricity and can be purchased from between $30-$40 a month depending on the speed desired.

Open Source Strategies expects to deploy its first utility customer within 3 to 6 months and will rapidly begin approaching other utilities shortly after that."

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