July 14, 2002

Compaq Presario 722US notebook review with Linux

Amdmb.com writes "Amdmb.com has posted a new review, this time of the Compaq Presario 722US notebook computer based around the Duron 1.1 GHz processor. It is compared against a 1 GHz Athlon notebook as well as a value PC. Our reviewer discusses in detail, linux compatibility and anti-competitive software packaging with regards to Windows XP.

URL: http://www.amdmb.com/article-display.php?ArticleID=192

Quote: "For the purposes of this review, I wiped the entire disk clean and installed Linux. After this testing I needed to reinstall Windows XP and
make the system dual boot with Red Hat Linux 7.3 for the owner. This proved to be very problematic due to the nature of the Compaq Quick Restore disk.
By default it will only wipe out the entire hard drive and install onto a massive NTFS partition using all space. Linux installers like Mandrake or
SuSE can easily resize FAT32 partitions, but not NTFS, so this is a problem.""

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