January 28, 2002

Compiere Looks adds color to Java swing

Author: JT Smith

Jorg Janke writes, "Compiere Looks is a 3D color extension of the Java Metal Look and Feel. It was inspired by the Kunststoff Look and Feel and adds color capabilities as well as texture backgrounds. Compiere Looks is free and Open Source. One of the added features are 'hierarchical tabs,' which allow to communicate a hierarchical structure easily. Compiere Looks is based on Java 1.4.0.

Compiere Looks Utilities allow you to change the Look and Feel of your application by the individual user. This is not restricted to the standard and Compiere Looks, but also jGoodies and Kunststoff. You can also define and save your own Theme."

For details and download see http://www.compiere.org/looks/.

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