July 6, 2005

Compiere moved to Open Source Capital

Jorg Janke writes "Compiere July News -
Compiere moved to Portland, Oregon - the (in)official Open Source capital . With the Open Source Development Lab (OSDL), the Open Source Lab (OSL) of the Oregon State University (hosting Firefox, etc.), the Linux centers of IBM and Intel, Portland is certainly the Linux epicenter. The Open Technology Center in nearby Beaverton and the Business Accelerator of the Portland State University provide infrastructure for Open Source companies. Portland is also the epicenter for the Eclipse project. Jive Software and Compiere are two commercial Open Source companies moving from the North East to Portland to expand their operation and are joining companies like Tripwire and Instantiations.

Compiere's Project Lead, Jorg Janke said, "We are very pleased to become a part of the greater open source community based in Portland. There is a sense of excitement throughout the community about the increasing acceptance and adoption of open-source applications to power critical business operations for a growing number of corporate companies worldwide."

Based on the feedback of the community, Compiere changed it’s release strategy. We will release new versions in August, November, February and May – with an early release at the beginning of the month and after the QA cycle at the end of the month.

Note that the early bird offer for the August Compiere Intensive and Technical Training in Toronto, Canada will expire this Friday. The Compiere Training is the most efficient way to get Compiere into production – as well as joining the 50+ partners worldwide to provide Compiere related consulting and services.

Compiere is the primary open source business application with more than 850,000 downloads and provides accounting, supply chain management, ERP and CRM to small-medium enterprises via Compiere's 50+ member partner network worldwide. Compiere, Inc. provides commercial backing and offers support and services for the Compiere product. Compiere is available on Linux, Microsoft Windows, Mac and UNIX platforms. For more information, please log on to: http://www.compiere.org./"

Link: compiere.org

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