May 19, 2003

Complete Linux virus defense solution for free

Frank Neugebauer writes
"BitDefender Linux Edition uses the most advanced multi-platform virus inspection
technology which closely monitors for viruses and other suspicious activity
on your personal system."

The On-Demand Scanner, for command line or shell scripts, features a manual
scans of individual files or entire file systems, malicious codes detection
and disinfection. After each scan, the solution displays a detailed report one
positive virus detections. Thanks to BitDefender scan engine advanced features,
new, undiscovered threats can be detected and immediately eliminated from the

Available for most UNIX platforms, the product has the role to keep you away
from worms like Morris or Scalper – UNIX malware, as well as from all
the Windows viruses.

BitDefender Linux Edition v6.5 is a freeware
product, which doesn't require a license to be used.

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