December 6, 2000

Components with a dynamic face technology released

Author: JT Smith

Newsforge reader pulrich announces: "New release of HyperQbs open technology in its v3.2 alpha has been made available for free downloads at The HyperQbs developer portal.

The HyperQbs distribution is getting ready for its beta and also release to open-source in the near future.

The new 3.2 release of HyperQbs distribution covers:
- An integrated XML editor Merlot
- Implemented support for XCatalog
- Deployment and make-like tools
- and many other new features

HyperQbs mission is to simplify and speed the life-cycle process of developing, extending and integrating internet applications for professionals and users - via a Lego-like approach. HyperQbs middle-ware technology defines 'components with a dynamic face' based on open J2EE and XML standards.

Current way for using EJB components containing reusable business logic, is to 'glue' them together via JSP/Servlet technologies. This 'glue' is however a contrary to EJB's benefits. While EJBs are reusable and easy to follow in application life-cycle processes (modeling, prototyping, deployment and maintenance), JSP/Servlet 'glue' is usually hardwired and proprietary implementation. This 'glue' decides on where the next page should go, how to react to user events, handle error states etc. When an alternative user interface device (such as WAP, refrigerator etc.) is to be supported by an application, a new servlet 'glue' must be written. The more interface devices, the more 'glue' for one application.

Such a JSP/Servlet "glue" actually provides the EJB business logic with application/presentation logic. Out of real world experience JSP/Servlets are good for small projects while the rule goes: the bigger project, the bigger the "glue" gets causing more trouble down the road.

HyperQbs bridges the technology gap and eliminates the need for a 'glue' making it a part of fully reusable EJB component (so called Qb [read as Cube]). On top of that, HyperQbs define AAF (Adaptive Application Flow) mechanism, which allows changes in component behavior without ever touching the source code. In fact this is done in a similar fashion as how integrated circuits and microchips function.

HyperQbs benefits:
- Fast prototyping of Internet applications
- Incremental development and team work
- Pure reusability of plug-in components
- Application logic may be configured - no need to change source code(AAF)

- Development accelerator
- Small learning curve
- Control, flexibility and security over a running application
- High scalability and extendibility

Qbizm Technologies, Inc. ( link ) is a partner in the delivery and deployment of added value software building blocks for sophisticated and scalable mobile commerce solutions. Qbizmâs European award winning research and development team has developed a new open architecture (HyperQbs) for Internet application developers enabling reusable software components with a dynamic face.

Let the Qbs roll . . .

Issued by the Press office of Qbizm Technologies, Inc. at Wednesday, December 06, 2000

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