February 11, 2006

Computer and Internet Technology Energy Solutions

Author: Mike Angelo and Aric Campling

Anonymous Reader writes "Use computer technology such as the Internet, VPNs, USB-keys, sneaker-netting, live CDs, and so forth to help to reduce dependency on oil and to reduce air pollution. MozillaQuest Magazinereports: "Today, in 'Part 2' of this 'Solutions for the Energy Crises' . . . article, we look at telecommuting as an alternative to burning gas and diesel fuel. We also look at some of the computer tools that help people to do these things . . . If one's work is done on a computer, that person is a perfect candidate for working from home -- telecommuting"

Telecommuting offers at least two contributions to solving the energy crises. It keeps commuters off the road and thus directly reduces oil-based fuels consumption and demand. Additionally, telecommuting also takes traffic off the roadways during the rush hour traffic jams and bottlenecks, thus reducing the severity of the traffic jams. That reduces waste and therefore reduces consumption and demand of oil-based fuels wasted in slow moving and stalled traffic.

The technology for telecommuting is here now. And it is getting better all the time. Businesses, industries, organizations, institutions, and government offices can and should start implementing telecommuting programs now. Many already are implementing telecommuting programs now. But there is much room to expand telecommuting programs.

This article is a must read for anyone interested in solving the gas, oil, and energy crises.

Check MozillaQuest.com for the full story and great links!"

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