Computer Technology Documentation Project launched


Author: JT Smith

Mark Allen writes, In the same spirit that free software and the Linux Documentation Project was begun, Mark Allen announces the launching of the Computer Technology Documentation Project (CTDP). This project applies to all computer technologies.
The primary goal of this project is to promote and provide free exchange of technical information and documentation for beginners and experts alike. This project is based on the concept that the sharing of ideas and documentation along with working together will enhance the productivity of both individuals and organizations.

A secondary goal of this project is to provide documentation for free to those who cannot normally afford it. Although this organization provides a mechanism for authors to sell information on the internet if they choose to, this organization is not for profit and does not attempt to promote commercial agendas.

Project documentation provides a great deal of depth about various subjects but is as brief and to the point as possible to allow users to learn quickly. The CTDP web site at is easy to navigate and use for learning. The technical sections are well organized and categorized in logical fashion so they are easy to find. Each section normally contains documentation along with web links to other useful web sites that provide documentation or other information relevant to that section.

Information provided on this web site was taken from engineering and software notes started four years ago. It has been converted into HTML and is now a library of information about various useful subjects of a current size between five and six megabytes. This site currently contains several Windows NT documents, several Linux documents and several networking documents. It also contains guides about XML, HTML, CGI, SSI, PHP, hardware and much more.

Those who have technical information or documentation that may be useful are encouraged to join this project and submit information in any format.