Concerns About European Patents

Ted Doyle writes “This follows perhaps too closely on the heels of my last missive, but today is important. Today was a day of protest against the idea that Europe should be able to patent software.

The European parliament, for one reason or another, agreed. And so a proposed legislation that may have allowed large corporations to block future analogs of Apache, PHP, Linux and other highly desirable, free and progressive software from the market was shelved… for the moment.

The woman most identified with this legislation, Ms Adele McCarthy, is a Member of the European Parliament from the north of England. She is, she says, the “rapporteur” for the proposed legislation (I think that is, in the feudal flavor of French based EU protocols, a person who champions some cause in the Courts of the King . . . but then I am not a specialist in such matters of continental tradition. They are gotten from civil, or later Roman notions of representative procedure, and are quite unlike
our English traditions which appeal to an older, more Grecian view).”



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