August 9, 2001

Conectiva launches 7.0

Author: JT Smith

From a press release posted at LinuxPR: "A new version of the most used open source operating
system in the world is available since July 30. The product replaces version 6.0
released at the end of 2000 and it is presented in two editions: Conectiva Linux
7.0 and Conectiva 7.0 Professional Server. The biggest innovation of this version
are the tools for facilitating the use of APT, the automatic RPM packages updater.
With this exclusive and free resource of Conectiva, it is possible for the user to
install only those which are convenient. Other modifications that Conectiva
prepared for CL 7.0 is the elimination of the boot disk (initialization), considering
that practically all of the machines can realize the same process directly through
the CD-ROM. But, if it is necessary, the user can create their own boot disk with
the utilities and images present in the first of the five CDs that are a part of the
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