January 18, 2001

Conectiva Linux security update to php4

Author: JT Smith

Posted at LWN.net: "The php4 module shipped with Conectiva Linux 6.0 has two security
problems that were recently made public by the PHP development team
based on a report by James Moore:

1) It is possible to specify PHP directives on a per-directory basis
under apache. In the vulnerable versions of PHP, a remote attacker
could craft an HTTP request that would cause the next page to be
served with the wrong values for these directives.

2) Even though PHP is installed, it can be deactivated and activated
via a directive like "engine=off" or "engine=on". This directive can
be used on a per-directory basis or even per virtual host. Vulnerable
versions of the php4 module could "leak" the "engine=off" setting to
other virtual hosts on the same machine, effectively disabling PHP
for those hosts and resulting in PHP source code being sent to the
client instead of being executed on the server."


  • Linux
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