December 26, 2003

Conectiva makes available the Technology Preview

Anonymous Reader writes "Conectiva, leading company in Linux development and services to Latin America, has announced today the availability of the Conectiva Linux Technology Preview. Its the first version in the world to make the 2.6 kernel available. The Technology Preview will be available for download in the Internet tomorrow, December 19th, reinforcing Conectivas well succeeded pioneerism in releasing Linux novelties into the market. The Conectiva Linux Technology Preview is an opportunity for the users and developers to try out the new technology that will be published in the Beta version of the next Conectiva Linux, which is to be released by mid 2004.

The Conectiva Linux Technology Previews goal is that the kernel 2.6 will be available to the largest possible number of people, in order to allow them to test the new features, explains Rodrigo Stultzer, Conectivas Product and Solution Director.

Among the features of the kernel 2.6, stands out the enhancement in the process of filesystem reading and writing and files handling, which helps to increase the the kernels performance and interoperability. Theres also a significant growth in the number of supported devices, and news in the energy management and a higher integration in the new model of kernels drivers.

Kernel 2.6 was developed by many contributors all over the world and was officially released in December 17th, 2003. Among the most active collaborators, stands out the Conectiva team itself, led by the companys senior consultant, Arnaldo Carvalho, the Brazilian that has most contributed to Linux in 2003 and one of the 10 main collaborators in the project. Conectiva has a significant presence in free software projects. Among our collaborations to the kernel, I can highlight the inclusion of a new protocol LLC 802.2 and improvements in the network core, among many others, states Carvalho.

To be the first company in the world to release the kernel 2.6 represents more than an achievement, it shows the distinguished technological capacitation of Conectiva. While predictions worldwide said that the first Linux with the new kernel would be out only in 2004, Conectiva prepared the Technology Preview for December, 2003, points out Jaques Rosenzvaig, Conectivas CEO. This competence levers Conectiva up and places the company as one of the world leaders in Linux adds.

In 2003, the company made significant progresses. Over 1.6 million people logged on the Conectiva website looking for information about the distribution and accessed more than 59 million files. In the same period, more than 16,000 Conectiva Linux training courses were sold, and 180 thousand issues of the Revista do Linux magazine were distributed.

Over this year, we have led projects to users in many areas, like retail, financial and telecommunication, installing Linux in more than a thousand computers. In 2003, weve reached the mark of 19,000 computers installed on a client, states the CEO. Perspectives are great for the public and private companies in 2004. We are also betting in alliances with major players in the national and international markets, adds Rosenzvig.

The Conectivas Technology Preview can be done at or any official mirror."

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