February 2, 2007

Configuring IPCop Firewalls (Book Review) CIF.RVW

Guest writes "Perhaps it's just my strong editorial preferences - or maybe my somewhat naive expectation that technical material will be edited for accuracy - but this book managed to hit the bottom of my personal rating system with a solid "THUNK" in the first couple of pages. Misspellings, a clear absence of post-production review (e.g., "At least one Network Interface Card NIC is required..."), endless errors of basic grammar and diction, confusion in the usage of conventions that are defined in the book's own preface - all these added up to a nearly-instant impression of second-rate, amateur publishing. (The "Errata" section was particularly amusing, stating as it does that any errors reported will "save other readers from frustration"; the implementation of this would be fascinating, since it would require the ability to reverse the flow of time.) Although I was still willing to be convinced (after all, the preface may have been copied from boilerplate), the problems remained and grew in scope as the book went on."

Link: linuxgazette.net

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