Confluent Brings SQL Querying to Kafka Streaming Data


With ever-increasing volumes of data comes an ever-increasing need to process that data. Confluent has made a business out of helping enterprises handle never ending streams of data with its commercial packaging of Apache Kafka. And now, at Kafka Summit in San Francisco this week, Confluentintroduced a new open source project, called KSQL, that it says will allow users to apply SQL queries against streaming data.

In this move, Confluent is one of a growing number of companies, such as SQLSteam, attempting to apply the bringing the rigors of SQL to the world of real-time data analysis.

Neha Narkhede, CTO and co-founder of Confluent, said that KSQL offers a number of potential use cases to enterprises, from processing data as it comes into an organization to handling extract, transform and load (ETL)-like work on data warehouses and data transfers between systems.

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