The Conkeror Web Browser Conquers Small Screens

Article Source Linux Journal
July 1, 2009, 12:00 am

Conkeror is a Web browser with an Emacs-style look, feel and configuration. It uses Firefox’s HTML rendering engine and works with most Firefox extensions, but it provides a keyboard-driven interface and makes excellent use of screen space. It’s a fitting Web browser for Netbooks with their imprecise touchpads and small screens. Conkeror uses the same free software license as Firefox.

Users of Debian Lenny, Debian Sid and Ubuntu Jaunty should install the conkeror and conkeror-spawn-process-helper packages. Users of other distributions should install the XULRunner package (xulruner-1.9 or xulrunner). If you installed the Firefox package, that package installed XULRunner for you. After you install XULRunner, download a Conkeror snapshot and unpack it into your usual software directory‚Äîyou don’t need to compile anything. See Resources for a link to the Conkeror snapshot download…