July 18, 2005

Connect3D X700 Pro Graphics Card Review

Anonymous Reader writes "As much as you like ATI and its GPUs, the fact is that ATI isn’t a charmer in the midrange market due to its under-performing X700 Pro. Although the performance may not be as groundbreaking as NVIDIA’s 6600GT, the fact is that majority of the X700 Pro graphics adapters retail for much less than NVIDIA’s 6600GT. That’s one side of the story. If you want to give ATI a bit more credit and applaud it for its performance, you can technically compare it against NVIDIA’s regular 6600, which costs the same as X700 Pro with significantly less impressive performance numbers than what ATI offers. On a more neutral note, however, ATI’s X700 Pro does manage to be competitive under Half-Life 2 and Doom III, two of the four games we tested, under high resolution with AA and AF turned on."

Link: CoolTechZone.com

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