December 18, 2001

Conostix releases IPFC v1.0

Author: JT Smith

Tycho Fruru writes, Conostix S.A. today announced the availability of the Open Source IPFC (Inter Protocol Flexible Control)
v1.0. IPFC v1.0 is a flexible software framework to manage, monitor
and control multiple devices in complex networked environments.

IPFC addresses the interoperability of heterogeneous corporate security infrastructures for:
Comprehensive entreprise infrastructure reportingThrough centralized secure logging and data correlationEasier security operationsSecurely outsourcing part or the global security infrastructure

IPFC is a software and framework to manage and monitor multiple types of security modules across a global network. Security modules can be as diverse as packet filters (like netfilter, pf, ipfw, IP Filter, checkpoint FW1...), NIDS (Snort, arpwatch...), webservers and other general devices (from servers to embedded devices).

Another way to explain IPFC : It's a complete generic Managed Security Services (MSS) software infrastructure.

The main IPFC features are :

Centralized and unified logging of multiple devices (from server to firewall including special device)Dynamic correlation of logsActive evaluation of your security infrastructureUnified policy and configuration managementCan be integrated into existing monitoring infrastructureAuditable source code available (under GNU General Public License)Scalability and Security of the frameworkEasy extendable
You can find more information on IPFC on

About Conostix

Conostix is a young computer security company based in Luxembourg.
Conostix is a security services and software company providing solutions
for complex and distributed networked infrastructures. Conostix provides
Managed Security Services and Managed Security Monitoring (MSS-MSM) in
Europe. Conostix has taken a fundamentally new approach in their research and
developement by using a Free Software (Open Source) methodology.
Research and development focuses are : distributed framework for managing
networked security devices, trusted operating systems and dedicated
security devices.

Conostix is located at Technoport Schlassgoart, rue de Luxembourg 66,
L4221 Esch-Sur-Alzette (Grand Duchy of Luxembourg)

Phone : +35226103061 Fax : +35226103062
Press contact :

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