February 21, 2003

A Consumer's new choice: Using Linux at home

Anonymous Reader writes "Linux is ready for the the consumer and the steps to guide you through the decision are unveiled in this seven part series at DesktopLinux.com. In his book 'The Unix Guide to Defenestration', Paul Murphy offers practical advice on empowering organizations, improving workflow, and saving moving with open source technologies. Now Murphy examines the risks and rewards in the decision to use Linux for the average computer user. Each part in the series explores one aspect of the 'Linux-at-home decision'. From dispelling the myths that only "geeks" use Linux to recycling your existing computer system with a brand new Linux distribution, Murphy shows us what Desktop Linux can do for the average consumer -- and gives the end user a plan for adopting the operating system that is marching toward mainstream use globally... Part One - Introduction to the Interface and Part Two - Office Documents"

Link: desktoplinux.com


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