Container Adoption Starts to Outpace DevOps


The survey of 601 IT decision-makers conducted by ClearPath Strategies on behalf of the Cloud Foundry Foundation (CFF) finds that 32 percent of respondents have adopted containers and are employing DevOps processes. But the number of respondents who plan to adopt or evaluate containers in the next 12 months is 25 percent, while 17 percent are planning to adopt or evaluate DevOps processes. Overall, the survey finds that within the next two years, 72 percent of respondents either already are or expect to be using containers. That compares to 66 percent who say the same for DevOps.

The total number of organizations that have broadly adopted containers stands at 18 percent, while another 40 percent have deployed containers on a limited basis. Another 40 percent said they are still in the early stages.

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