Container Trends: Plans, Orchestration and CI – A Dataset from Bitnami


Over the last week we have had the opportunity to work with a large set of data collected by Bitnami (full disclosure: Bitnami is a RedMonk client). Bitnami collected this data by means of a user survey across their entire user base, and the survey garnered over 5,000 responses from a request sent to Bitnami’s e-mail distribution list of over 850K. With any data set of this nature, it is important to state that survey results strictly reflect the members of the Bitnami e-mail distribution list.

The data set covered areas including container usage and plans, orchestration tools where containers were being used, CI tools and database choices. For this post we will be focusing on the data around containers and CI.

What makes this data very interesting is the number of companies who are actively using and evaluating containers versus those that are not. One of the issues with many surveys of container users is the automatic bias inherent in the selection criteria. While this data does not eliminate this bias, it does provide some interesting counter balances.

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