Containers and Microservices Spark a Search for Better File Systems


As Linux distributions container-based operations microservices, they come across new file-system related challenges. Linux vendors, including Red Hat, SUSE and Canonical, are major players in the container space. In addition to their traditional OSes, these companies have also built container as service platforms to handle containerized workloads and microservices. Following the footsteps of CoreOS’s Container LinuxRed Hat has created Project Atomic; Canonical came out with Ubuntu Core and SUSE released SUSE CaaS Platformand Kubic.

Namespaces, Dedup, Scheduling

“One of the biggest challenges that the containers ecosystem faces is that file systems are not currently namespace aware,” said Ben Breard, Red Hat senior technology product manager for Linux containers. Though there are several concepts to create a namespace of sorts with existing file systems, this current limitation creates challenges, particularly around security and usability, for things like user namespaces.

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