Converging Storage: CephFS Now Production Ready


Over four years in the making and arriving in the nick of time, the Ceph open source distributed object store now has all the components needed to offer enterprises a one-stop shop for block, object and now file storage.

The new “Jewell” edition of Ceph (v10.2.0), released Thursday,  includes a file system component (“CephFS”) that is now production ready, according to Greg Farnum, the Red Hat technical lead for the CephFS, who spoke at the Linux Foundation’s Vault storage conference, taking place in Raleigh, North Carolina this week. 

What “production-ready” means here is that CephFS will not break the one fundamental rule that all file systems must abide  —  to never lose any of the data that it is storing. And by offering a fully POSIX-compliant file system, Ceph can now support most Unix and Linux applications.

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