A Conversation with the Community

As Mandriva is entering a new phase in its history it has started an important conversation with the community about the future of the Mandriva Linux distribution, its governance and its goals.

My name is Charles-H. Schulz, you may know me from other Free & Open Source Software projects, and I will be assisting Mandriva and its community in defining our future and how best  we  will serve the interests of the community, of software freedom, and of Mandriva SA. I am humbled by this task and the trust that has been bestowed upon me. After all, my first job was at MandrakeSoft years ago, before the company became Mandriva. I look forward working with all of you and I’m open to constructive suggestions and ideas. You can contact me at cschulz AT mandriva DOT com and follow my other (personal) blog here.

Stay tuned!

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