September 12, 2002

Converter allows migration of Sun XView applications to Motif

mhatch writes: Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc. (ICS), the leader in user interface development tools for UNIX®/Linux® systems, announced today an upgrade path for applications that use the XView GUI toolkit developed by Sun Microsystems. This solution preserves end user investment in existing applications written with XView, by enabling the migration of these applications to the industry standard Motif GUI toolkit supported on workstations sold by Sun Microsystems.

Motif is also the standard toolkit on other popular UNIX workstations as well as being part of the base install of Red Hat Linux. This provides maintainers of these applications additional deployment options.

Once a popular toolkit among software developers on Sun Microsystems workstations, XView had been replaced by the industry standard Motif GUI toolkit. Even though obsolete for over 5 years, Sun has continued to provide maintainers of legacy XView applications with the ability to rebuild their applications on the latest operating system versions offered by Sun. However, with Solaris 9, Sun no longer provides the files required to rebuild legacy applications. This forces maintainers of these XView legacy applications to migrate to Motif so that they can stay current with the latest hardware and software offerings provided by Sun.

"Many end users with legacy applications have benefited by Sun's policy of continuing to provide XView long after it was replaced by Motif", said Mark Hatch, Chief Operating Officer, ICS. "And many end users have taken advantage of this breathing room for a slow, controlled migration to Motif. However, with the release of Solaris 9, this migration becomes more urgent for many users, and ICS is providing a solution that speeds the migration."

Pricing and More Information
The Migration Solution for XView is a full solution that combines specialized software conversion tools along with ICS experts. The price of the Migration Solution for XView varies depending on the amount of source code being converted.

More Information
Users interested in The Migration Solution for XView should download a technical paper describing the conversion process at . They can also request further information including demonstrations and quotes by sending email to

About ICS
Founded in 1987, ICS was chartered to create software development tools for developers working with the then emerging X Window System?. The company's first product offerings included X training and a version of Motif for systems manufactured by Sun Microsystems. Prior to widespread adoption of Motif by the UNIX workstation vendors, ICS was the leading independent shipper of the Motif toolkit. In 1998, The Open Group chose ICS to provide technical support for its Motif source code licenses.

Today, ICS is the current market leader in Motif graphical user interface development tools. It's flagship product, Builder Xcessory, is in its sixth major release and represents over 100 person years of effort. BX defines a level of sophistication, functionality and ease-of-use that is unmatched in the industry.

ICS sponsors the MotifZone (, a community site for Motif developers to gather additional knowledge and request input on technical problems from other engineers. The MotifZone hosts the Public CVS source code repository for Open Motif as well as the defect database. The MotifZone hosts over 6000 active developers, has delivered almost 150,000 downloads of Open Motif, and experiences over 5 million hits per year. It is the most active website dedicated to user interface software development.

For further information on ICS, its products or services, call 617-621-0060, or visit the ICS website at

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