October 18, 2005

Coraid Unveils World's First Linux NAS Server

Anonymous Reader writes "SAN CLEMENTE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 17, 2005--Coraid, Inc. today launched a Linux-based network attached storage (NAS) server appliance together with a highly targeted Linux NAS distribution that integrates with the company's EtherDrive Storage to create a low cost network attached file server with unlimited storage capacity. A single Coraid CLN/20 Linux NAS server can literally have thousands of disks connected via Ethernet, and exported with NFS.

"Coraid is an open source proponent and we developed this new Linux distro to take advantage of the storage scalability that can be achieved with ATA-over-Ethernet (AoE) storage," stated Coraid CEO James Kemp, "We are offering the Coraid Linux NAS distro free for users to put on their own server platforms, or as a completely installed and integrated package in the CLN/20 Linux NAS Server appliance."

With CLN/20, an unlimited number of Unix, Linux or Windows clients can access an unlimited amount of network storage using NFS file sharing. Users can start with a small storage system and then continue to expand it one disk at a time to thousands of disks. And since the server is separated from the storage with Ethernet, storage is never captive to one NAS server, which makes for a more reliable NAS solution.

"A truly scalable NAS device is something the market has been seeking for years. The Coraid Linux NAS server clearly demonstrates the benefits of a simple Ethernet accessed storage pool," said Mike Karp, senior analyst for Enterprise Management Associates.

The CLN/20 is a 1U rack mount server prepackaged with the Coraid Linux NAS distro and available now with prices starting at $2,495. Easy to configure, it includes many application-specific "how-to" tutorials all in one place and ready to go for NFS file sharing.

Coraid also offers a discounted bundle price of $6,195 for the CLN/20 plus a 15 Disk SATA+RAID EtherDrive Storage appliance (users add their own SATA disks). With today's street price of $375 for a 500GB SATA disk, that works out to 7.5TB of file storage for less than $1.58/GB; the price per GB just keeps dropping as capacity is expanded by adding more Ethernet connected storage. Coraid's Linux NAS distro will be available for download from the web site later this month and is free. Complete details about CLN/20 and the Coraid Linux NAS distribution can be found at www.coraid.com.

About Coraid

Coraid designs and manufacturers innovative, affordable networked storage appliances based on the "power of simple." Coraid also developed the open ATA over Ethernet (AoE) protocol used by EtherDrive storage products. This powerful and efficient protocol leverages the cost advantages of Ethernet to provide true networked storage. For more information, please telephone Coraid at +1-706-548-7200, email info@coraid.com or visit www.coraid.com."

Link: coraid.com

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