Corel Linux


Author: Benjamin D. Thomas

Experience Linux® performance built specifically for the
desktop with Corel® LINUX® OS. Based on Debian, this powerful system delivers an incredibly easy-to-use, four-step graphical installer that
automatically detects most PCI hardware. Featuring a KDE-based, drag-and-drop desktop environment and an innovative browser-style file manager, Corel
LINUX OS is an exciting development.

& Features

A Powerful, Easy-to-Use Operating SystemDesigned Specifically for Your Desktop
Corels enhancements to Debian GNU/Linux® and KDE deliver a graphical desktop
environment that lets you get up and running fast. Featuring a simple four-step
installation program, a full-featured file manager, centralized configuration and system
updates, and an e-mail client and Web browser, Corel® LINUX® OS combines powerful
performance with intelligent simplicity.

Easy Installation with Corel® Install

  • Lets you install Corel LINUX OS in four easy steps
  • Automatically detects most PCI hardware
  • Provides integrated partitioning to allow a
    dual-boot system
  • Includes custom install option
  • Offers a comprehensive Help system

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Easy File Management with Corel® File Manager

  • Features a friendly, graphical drag-and-drop
  • Lets you browse local and Windows® network drives
  • Allows Web browsing and FTP Internet file

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Graphical Control Center / Easy-to-Use
Graphical Desktop

  • Enjoy a friendly, uncomplicated work environment
    with enhanced KDE desktop
  • Set your IP address, gateway, DNS server and
    domain server quickly and easily in the graphical Control Center
  • Easily install printers with an enhanced graphical

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Easy System Updates

  • Easily update your system over the Web*
  • Install new applications with just a few clicks

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Outstanding Compatibility

  • Easily share Windows files
  • Compatible with other Linux software
  • Seamless integration with Windows and UNIX®/Linux
    networking environments

*Internet connection required.

What’s Included

The following is a breakdown of the components included in Corel® LINUX® OS Download,
Standard, and Deluxe:

Components Corel LINUX OS Download Corel LINUX OS Standard Corel LINUX OS Deluxe
Corel LINUX OS based on
Debian 2.2 Kernel
Enhanced KDE Desktop
Corel® Install Express
Corel® File Manager
User Guide
Installation Technical Support
included (30 days)
E-mail E-mail
and telephone
Netscape® Communicator
Adobe® Acrobat® Reader
Instant Messenger ICQ
compatible client
Bitstream® and Type 1 fonts 20 200
Corel® WordPerfect® 8 for Linux® Light version Full version
Corel WordPerfect 8 for Linux User
eFax Plus service three
months free*
Enhanced sound drivers (OSS)
CIVILIZATION®: Call to Power
strategy game Limited Edition**
BRU Backup Software
3.5″ Linux Penguin Mascot

Also Included…

  • Apache, mail, news, IRC
  • C/C++ and other programming languages
  • Perl, Tcl/Tk, awk, sed and other UNIX® tools

*Internet connection required.
**Full version. Network play and Editor/Cheater disabled.

System Requirements

  • Pentium® or Pentium-compatible processor
  • 24 MB RAM (64 MB RAM recommended)
  • 500 MB of hard disk space
  • CD-ROM drive, 2 MB VGA PCI card and mouse
  • Supports most hardware designed for Pentium
    computers. Click here
    to find out more about hardware compatibility for Corel LINUX OS.

For more information on Corel®
®, visit:

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