August 27, 2004

Corel: WordPerfect for Linux shall return

Author: NewsForge Staff

Shortly after the release of the WordPerfect for Linux proof-of-concept product, Corel took it down from its Web site and put up a note saying that "This product is temporarily unavailable for purchase." Did it fail? Did WordPerfect for Linux fail to garner enough customer support and subsequently go quietly into the night? Corel says no.

"We're looking at reviewing some aspects of WordPerfect for Linux and making some alterations to it," Corel spokesman Greg Wood said on Friday. When asked if there were plans to port WordPerfect 12 to Linux, or to produce a parallel release to the Windows product on GNU/Linux, Wood said that it would be pure conjecture at this point, and that Corel was still in the process of evaluating its potential in the Linux market. "Our investigation into the Linux market is serious and ongoing," he added.

Traditionally Corel's main focus has been legal professionals, who use WordPerfect for Windows almost exclusively because of its excellent interoperability with programs that file and catalog legal documents. WordPerfect 12 -- Corel's newest product -- also includes special tools just for creating legal documents. With the launch of their WordPerfect Office 12 suite, Corel has additionally targeted existing Microsoft Office customers with the promise of being cheaper to buy and easier to license.

Wood also said that customer feedback is extremely important to the company with regard to their Linux products. If you'd like to contact Corel to inform them of your interest in WordPerfect for Linux, suggest a feature, or if your company is interested in evaluating WordPerfect for Linux, you can use Corel's online customer service feedback form.

Otherwise, you can bookmark the Corel WordPerfect for Linux Web site and check back at a later time.

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