August 6, 2003

Cosmic Encounter Adds Three Featurees

Peter Olotka writes "Cosmic Encounter Online Adds Three New Features.
Cosmic Encounter Online is browser based with an all Flash client and runs on a Linux server. The game is fully accessible for Linux gamers.
Future Pastimes announced today that Cosmic Encounter Online has added three new features: Daily Player Rank in the Live Cosmic Leaderboard; New Player Info in
the Cosmic Lobby; and a "Tips" feature in the Game Console.

The Live Cosmic Leaderboard now ranks players by "most improved" today. Today Rank is instantly calculated for Members, Aliens as played by player and Alien Bots. It serves to complement the Monthly Rank. The Live Leaderboard now shows This Month, Last Month, Today and Yesterday.
The New Player Info introduces players to the game basics and sets expectations for the unique Cosmic Encounter Online gaming experience. It was designed in response to player requests for a short-hand backgrounder on Cosmic.
The Tips feature is a condensed version of the New Player info that players can access from within the game itself in the game console."


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