March 31, 2006

COSPA Deliverables available online

Bruno Rossi writes "The COSPA consortium (Consortium for studying, evaluating, and supporting the introduction of Open Source software and Open Data Standards in the Public Administration) has made available for general download the following documents (

- D2.1 - Catalogue of available Open Source tools for the PA
- D2.2 - Catalogue of available Open Data Standards for the PA
- D2.3 - Catalogue of Legacy Databases
- D2.4/5 - Analysis of Requirements for OS/ODS Applications in the Public Administration
- D2.8/9 - Prioritisation of requirements for OS and ODS
- D4.3 - Experience report on the implementation of OS applications in the partner PAs
- D5.1 - Definition of the target ODS
- D5.2 - Database Migration"


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