Could OpenStack Benefit from the Power of One?


Is the market becoming flooded with too many OpenStack distributions and services? Is there a risk of too much fragmentation with such a new and important open platform? That’s a question I considered in a recent post called “In Five Years, Expect Far Fewer OpenStack Service Providers.” Citrix officials and others have repeatedly made the point that there is much more press and hubbub surround OpenStack than there are deployments. And several big companies have been departing from their original plans with OpenStack. Could it be that there are too many cooks in the kitchen with this platform?

Microsoft is the classic case of the company that didn’t always have the best-of-breed software platforms, but was able to become dominant and leverage its dominance to gain more influence. It’s possible that OpenStack would benefit from one dominant vendor emerging with the best distribution and top-notch support.

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