March 4, 2004

Court tells SCO to Show Code in IBM Dispute

A U.S. Court has directed SCO Group to place its cards on the table and show detailed code to back up its lawsuit against IBM
involving copyright infringement and breach of contract over Linux.

In an order signed by U.S. Magistrate Judge Brooke Wells, SCO has been told to "provide and identify all specific lines of code that IBM is alleged to
have contribute to Linux from either AIX and Dynix."

The ruling could help jump-start -- or at least move along -- the case, which has been stalled in recent months amid a series of arcane legal motions
between SCO and IBM.

Indeed, the court set a series of deadlines for compliance with its order, the first of which comes April 17.

But the onus isn't all on SCO. In its order, the court told IBM to provide to SCO some 232 different software releases of AIX and Dynix. SCO has been
seeking the code as part of the legal "discovery" process, under which litigating parties get to look at information from their opponents which are
relevant to the case.



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