October 11, 2005

Covalent Technologies Joins OSSI

jmw writes "Covalent Technologies, Leader in Apache Open Source Solutions for the Enterprise,
Joins Open Source Software Institute

Jim Jagielski, Covalent CTO and Open Source Visionary Appointed
to OSSI Advisory Board

Tuesday, October 11, 2005 – Portland, OR – The Open Source Software Institute (www.oss-institute.org) announced today that Covalent Technologies, the most trusted source for enterprise open source solutions, has joined the non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the continued adoption and implementation of open source solutions within US federal, state and municipal government IT environments.

Covalent Technologies (www.covalent.net) is recognized as the industry's leading provider of products and services for the Apache HTTP Web Server and Apache Tomcat Application Server, among the most popular open source components in the world today. Covalent also supports the widely adopted Apache Axis Web Services Framework. . The founders of Covalent were instrumental in the original development of the Apache HTTP Web server and continue to provide development and support expertise to the worldwide Apache development network community.

“The Internet is built on the shoulders of open source programs like the Apache Web server,” said OSSI executive director John Weathersby. “And Covalent Technologies is synonymous with unparalleled Apache, Tomcat, and now Axis, development, support and service. By developing close working relationships with companies like Covalent, OSSI is able to provide government agencies with access to dynamic insight and expertise to critical IT systems like the Apache Web server.”

“We are delighted to have Covalent actively engaged with OSSI and look forward to working with their technical and business teams,” he continued. “We've already scoped out specific projects that Covalent representatives will help lead. These projects will include strategic policy and security issues within the federal and local government agencies. We will announce additional information on these specific programs in the very near future”

OSSI also announced that Covalent Chief Technical Officer, Jim Jagielski, has been appointed as a member of the OSSI Advisory Board. Jagielski is a long-time participant within the Apache Software Foundation and currently serves on the ASF Board of Directors.

“The Open Source Software Institute has defined the specific niche of helping to facilitate the adoption of open source within the government and public sector markets,” said Jim Jagielski, CTO of Covalent Technologies. “They have a track record of identifying difficult challenges within the government enterprise and building teams of industry and community partners to help address and overcome these challenges. This strategy helps us as a company and as members of the open source community. Covalent is proud to be an active and leading partner of this team.”

About Covalent Technologies
Founded in 1998, Covalent Technologies is the most trusted source for complete enterprise open source solutions. The leading provider of products and services for the Apache Tomcat Application Server, Apache Axis Web Services Framework, and Apache HTTP, the world’s leading Web server, Covalent is one of the few sources for full commercial support for Apache, Tomcat, and Axis on a global basis. Covalent has been the trusted source that Fortune 1000 enterprises turn to when migrating to open source and when deploying new open source initiatives. Covalent currently supports more than 50% of Fortune 500 and 70% of Fortune 100 companies. Customers include, among others: SBC, Pfizer, Morgan Stanley, National Semiconductor, Texas Instruments, Johnson & Johnson, British Telecom, Fidelity Investments, NASA, Hewlett-Packard, Siemens, General Electric, and Bear Stearns. Covalent has assembled the deepest talent pool of Apache experts in the industry and is proud to be one of the most distinguished supporters of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF), the dominant community for usable open source, and the open source community in general. For more information, visit www.covalent.com.

About the Open Source Software Institute
The Open Source Software Institute is a non-profit (501 c 6) organization whose mission is to promote the development and implementation of open source software solutions within U.S. federal, state and municipal government agencies and academic entities. Information on OSSI activities, and a results briefing on the initial Navy CRADA can be found on the OSSI website at: http://oss-institute.org./

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Link: oss-institute.org

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