Cox releases 2.2.18pre2 of Linux kernel


Author: JT Smith

From Alan Cox via “Since 2.2.17 isn’t out yet I’ve released 2.2.18pre2 versus 2.2.17pre20. So
you need to grab 2.2.16 then apply the 2.2.17pre20 patch then the 2.2.18pre
patch of choice. Ok 2.2.18pre2 merges the large stuff that doesnt interfere with other parts
of the kernel and some small fixes that are needed. Microcode.c also now
compiles correctly. Pretty much all of this is stuff vendors are already
shipping so while it is experimental (paticularly some of the USB) it
shouldn’t impact mainstream code. The AGP/DRM stuff is 2.4 compatible and
works out of the box with the same Xserver setup on the i810 as on 2.4.” Read more.