September 6, 2002

CPEN and Linux: Techno-Tools for the Techno-Cool

"CPEN is a 75-Mhz StrongArm processor jammed with a little OCR (Optical Character Recognition) module into a package the size of a pudgy dry erase marker. It has 8 MB of RAM, an address book, calendar application, dictionary, tiny little 7 line LCD and can scan most text either right to left or left to right.

With all the applications loaded there's about 3.5 MB of space available for scanned text. That's a lot of text! Did I mention that it recognizes graffiti style letters as you draw them, will scan bar codes and can store binary files, too? It will even trade files with other PDAs. Plus, no connecting wires and it works with Linux. Are light bulbs going off yet?"

Link: Linux Planet


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