May 22, 2001

Crack a system, suffer no legal hassles and win prizes

Author: JT Smith

Jeff Gerhardt writes, "The Linux Show hosts unique field trial of Cylant Linux based security software. Break a web server for fun and profit.

Monday May 21st, 2001
Aurora, IL (the home of Wayne's World) -- Jeff Gerhardt, Co-host of The Linux Show announced today a unique test being co-sponsored by TLS. "On Tuesday night's show," stated Gerhardt, "we will be having as our guest on one of the segments of show; John C. Munson, PhD and CEO of Cylant Technology, Inc. of Bend, Oregon. It is our hope to help them demonstrate the effectiveness of their technology by offering a TLS HACK & CRACK CHALLENGE to all member of the IT community. This is an opportunity for you would-be security experts out there on the internet to show us your stuff. Cylant has placed a challenge server ( at our disposal on the Internet running a very vulnerable (un-patched) version of RedHat 6.2. In spite of the fragile nature of this system, Cylant claims they are able to protect it from the most vigorous of attacks."

John C. Munson of Cylant stated, "The problem that we have in communicating with folks in the security community is that we do something very different from anything that they have seen before. We have developed a measurement based engineering solution to software misuse. It is our position that if a
piece software is suitably instrumented and you monitor its activity while it is running, you can identify when the software is doing something different. It is a very simple principle and it works well."

"The TLS Hack Challenge starts at 6:00pm ct on Tuesday Night," continued Gerhardt, "that will give people a full 2 hours to try to break the server before show time starts. The prizes we are giving for breaking the server are pretty cool. There is only going to be one winne, with that winner taking all the prizes. The prizes include one of those very cool inflatable penguin chairs furnished by The Linux Journal, a 4 pack of Guinness (in cans), the actual "" machine, a very cool certificate stating you are the person who hacked the server, and the winner will get to be a guest on the following weeks show and get the opportunity to brag about their prowess as a system cracker.

The rules are simple. The FIRST person who breaks or hacks the server, emails the Linux show and shows us proof of the hack wins the contest."

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