October 24, 2003

Craig Barrett: Inside Intel's future

To keep Intel at the forefront of the microprocessor business, Intel's CEO poured cash into research and development while institutional investors
called for layoffs. That perseverance seems to have paid off. With the tech economy gradually gaining steam, Intel beat expectations and turned a
healthy profit during the third quarter.

Now, Barrett, who spoke Tuesday at an industry conference sponsored by Gartner, is out to prove that the convergence of computing, communications and
digital content will help drive an industry resurgence.

Barrett's speech was also a call to arms. Intel's CEO sees a faulty educational system that does little to teach adequate math and science skills as a
major problem the high-tech economy--and the nation--will need to address in the coming years. Among other ideas, Barrett advocates giving foreign
nationals who are recent engineering school graduates instant green cards in order to shore up the domestic engineering talent pool.

Link: zdnet.com

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