August 22, 2005

Crash Your PC Using HTML Code

Anonymous Reader writes "At first I thought someone was joking when they told me this web link can crash your PC using simple HTML code and Internet Explorer. I suspected it might crash just the browser at worst and was simply a joke related site at best. However, after trying it I can confirm it can crash your PC. But it does so through an apparent bug in some video card drivers.

On my test machine I received a BSOD in nv4_disp (the nVidia display driver). The driver version on my test machine is the nVidia ForceWare v77.77 WHQL Certified driver. I would have suspected this to happen with BETA or custom drivers but it does so with WHQL Certified ones. This was very surprising. The code attempts to load an extremely large image that causes the video driver to go into an infinite loop and Windows Crashes."



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